I Survived the Rattler

One day I was at a friends house for a birthday party and I was like, I don’t know, 9 and all of the other kids went to go ding dong ditch the neighbors which I had no clue what the heck that was. I started running back to the friends house and I heard a buzzing rattling noise. I remember hearing that rattlesnakes rattles could sound like a buzz and I immediately knew what it was, so I foolishly ran faster without trying to assess where the noise was coming from and I ran right to the Rattlesnake and at the last moment finally seeing it I jumped right over it! Another kid was running behind me and she saw me jump over it and later I learned that it had struck…Image result for western diamondback rattlesnake wallpaper Nothing. I had just in midair looked down on the rattler when it attempted to strike me and I landed safely and sprinted a ways, then looked back and saw a few other kids following me and the very threatened and angry snake writhing in the grass. I ran up to the front porch and told my mom what had happened. At first she didn’t believe me, but then, I broke down in tears and then it hit her. I had just escaped the clutches of one of the top ten most venomous snakes in the world. I can still remember the event as though it were yesterday. You’re probably wondering what happened to the snake. Well… We eventually killed it and then skinned it and then ate it on the barbecue. No one was hurt, except for… the Rattlesnake. I learned a valuable lesson that day. That lesson is. “If you ever see or hear a Rattlesnake, stop immediately. Then, assess where it is. Finally, slowly back away from it. Also, try to just let them be, don’t kill them unless they are hurting you physically, otherwise, just let them be.”Image result for western diamondback rattlesnake

2 thoughts on “I Survived the Rattler

  1. Hi Jarem!
    Leaping over a rattler?! I’m so happy you are a high jumper and the snake didn’t make contact as it struck. What an adventure you describe in your story.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the blogging. You clearly have many engaging tales to share.
    Mrs. D

  2. Jarem, you told your tale in such a suspenseful way! You stretched out the action, keeping us wondering and almost holding our breath. Wow.

    In my state we don’t have any venomous snakes except a few timber rattlers. I love living in a cold place where you can explore safely outside most of the time. The only thing has been TICKS in recent years. They are so nasty, and Lyme disease has been a real problem. Not as scary as a snake bite in one way, but just as scary in another.

    I have heard that rattlesnake is tasty. What does it taste like to you?

    I look forward to more of your exciting posts!

    ~Miss Blessing
    STUBC commenter
    Vermont, USA

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